ExpleoTech offers a wide range of computer services for both
home and small business customers. We offer hardware,
software, networking and training services. These services vary
from basic computer repair to advanced operating system
installations, wired or wireless network installations and computer
training. Please feel free to browse the site and have a look at what
kind of services we provide.

To obtain more information on a particular service, please click on
the title of the service in the list.

Hardware Services

We offer a wide range of hardware services.
From adding/replacing hard drives, adding/replacing I/O cards,
replacing lcd screens or adding additional memory.

Software Services

We offer a wide range of software services.
From installing/reinstalling various operating systems or
applications to virus/spyware removal.

Networking Services

We offer a wide range of networking services. From wired/wireless
LAN setup to Internet Cable/Dsl setup.

Training Services

We offer a wide range of training services. From Microsoft Windows
Operating Systems to Microsoft Office Applications to building your
own computer.

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